Daulet Turlykhanov was born in 1963 in large family of pedagogues in the small village on the east of Kazakhstan. Under guidance of his father, who was famous Kazakh coach, he began to explore wrestling and quickly achieved tremendous results at the world stage. Honored Master of Sport of USSR; two times Olympic Medalist; World Champion; multifold World Cup Winner, USSR Champion, Asian Games Champion, European and Asian Gold Medalist.

   From young ages Daulet was demonstrating outstanding organizational and leadership skills. In 1992, while he was still active wrestler, Turlykhanov established professional sports club “Daulet”. Later, in 1993 he combined wrestling performance as an athlete with responsibilities of the head coach of Greco-Roman National Team of Kazakhstan. Turlykhanov achieved marvelous results as a coach on the international level and his wrestlers stepped on the top of Olympic and World podiums (Melnichenko Yuriy – Olympic champion; Manukyan Mchitar and Baiseitov Bachtiyar – World champions).

  At the same time, he actively works as a public figure and heavily contributes towards formation of sovereign Kazakhstan. Due to his active life position, Turlykhanov was elected as a Governmental Deputy of Kazakhstan twice, and was assigned as a head of the Ecology and Nature Management Committee.

 Daulet Turlykhanov became a Minister of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan in 2000. For the period of his mandate, colossal legislative framework in sport was formed along with implementation of two governmental programs for the development of sport in the Republic of Kazakhstan.  These projects formed strong fundament for successful performance of Kazakhstani athletes at Olympic Games for the last two decades.  

  But his heart still belongs to wrestling. In 2006 Daulet Turlykhanov was elected as a FILA Bureau Member, where he is actively working until today, leading several commissions, departments and working groups. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor and academician, author of the series of scientific works in sports. He was one of the initiators of UWW Scientific Commission establishment, which was later headed by him until nowadays. In May 2017, Turlykhanov was elected as a President of United World Wrestling Asian Council, where he continue to act by developing wrestling in Asia.