Meeting of the Commission of the United World Wrestling (UWW) for technical assistance and development

Meeting of the Commission of the United World Wrestling (UWW) for technical assistance and development

Mr. Nenad Lalovic, the President of the United World Wrestling conducted a meeting of the UWW Commission for Technical Assistance and Development on the 10th of March 2018 at the UWW headquarters in Corsière-sur-Vevey (Switzerland).

The meeting was attended by:
1. Mr. Nenad Lalovic - President of UWW;
2. Mr. Tseno Tzenov - Vice President of UWW, President of the European council;
3. Mr. Michel Dusson - UWW Secretary General;
4. Mr. Daulet Turlykhanov - UWW Bureau member, President of the Asian council;
5. Mr. Fuad Meskut - Member of the UWW Bureau, President of the African council;
6. Mr. Antonio I. Aquino - President of the Oceania council;
7. Mr. Francisco Eduardo Lee Lopez - President of the American council;
8. Mr. Jean Daniel Ray - Director of UWW Sports Department;
9. Mrs. Deqa Niamkey - Director of UWW Development Department;
10. Ms. Lei Liang - Manager of UWW Development Department.

President UWW N. Lalovic welcomed all participants of the meeting and expressed his gratitude for the attendance and participation to those who present at the meeting.

After greeting Mr. Dusson took the floor and reviewed Continental Championships - past and planned.

Director of the Development Department Mrs. Niamkey informed about the educational courses for Russian, Spanish and French-speaking referees and coaches in 2018.

New procedures (timetable for bid submission) for potential organizers to host the Championships also discussed during the meeting. Director of Sports department, Mr. Jean Daniel Ray, stressed that for a better quality of events and allocation of more financial resources, it is necessary to approve the calendar of events for 3 years ahead for all Cups and Championships in advance. Continental presidents unanimously confirmed their readiness to support this issue and to inform the national federations of each continent in the most detailed manner.

Special attention was paid to the presentation of the Development Department on the successful activities of 2017 under the slogan "Together we develop the wrestling" and the current status for 2018.

The previous year 2017 was a successful year for the development of wrestling, closer cooperation was established with the Continental Councils, training centers and partner institutions for the exchange of experience, thereby providing coaching and educational training opportunities for athletes, coaches and referees. Also, services to support necessary requirements for the development of National Federations were expanded.

UWW technical support for competition was to provide direct assistance to the National Federations to send athletes to important competitions, in particular the continental Championships and World Championships. In 2017, UWW supported 10 National Federations all over the world participating in continental and international competitions.


During the discussion the President of UWW-Asia Mr. Daulet Turlykhanov emphasized that strong, professionally working National Federations are the guarantee of UWW prosperity and reaching the leading positions among sports international organizations. 

In their report representatives of the Development Department informed about "More than medals" program, organized in cooperation with IOC, in which 90 young athletes took part on different continents (Brazil-July, Thailand-August, Morocco- May).

Mrs. D. Niamkey noted the activity of training centers. During the period August 7-18, 2017, at the Olympic Training Center Kuortane, Finland, before the World Cup, a special training camp was organized for athletes from developing countries, with 57 athletes and 16 countries participating.

In addition, 12 courses around the world were held for trainers in countries such as Iran, Japan, Italy, India, Mexico, Georgia, Morocco, Albania, Bulgaria, etc.

In turn, D.Turlykhanov asked to assist in the creation of regional training centers in Thailand, Japan, Iran, Kazakhstan, India. After all, more than half the world's population lives on the Asian continent and this is a huge potential.

In conclusion, some recommendations were made
- to support women’s participation in wrestling, to develop of women coaches and referees at the international level;
- to hold joint training camp before the World Championships;
- to provide quality training for coaches and referees in accordance with the standards and requirements of UWW;
- to successfully implement Grassroots projects at the national level;
- to hold seminars for National Federations.



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