Turlykhanov Elected as President of United World Wrestling Asia

Turlykhanov Elected as President of United World Wrestling Asia

Representatives of national federations from 33 Asian countries participated in the voting system with 24 of choosing Turlykhanov in the first round. In the final vote, the delegates unanimously selected Turlykhanov for the presidency.

"I am grateful to the national federations for supporting my candidacy and program, and my colleagues for such a strong competition. I will try to justify their trust in me," said Mr. Turlykhanov.

Daulet Turlykhanov has been a United World Wrestling (UWW) Bureau member for the last numbers of years. He has also led the Scientific Commission and, currently as a President of UWW-Asia, is member of the Technical Assistance & Development Commission, as well.

"I still have the strength and power, and want to work hard. Thanks to wrestling, I achieved much, not only on the wrestling mat, but also in life. It is not a secret that the victory on the elections is a new challenge for my career. We need to match up to the expectations of the voters”, the newly elected president continued: "I have already appointed a general secretary and vice-presidents for our team. Together, we must achieve one common goal - to speed up the development of wrestling on the Asian continent.  Indeed, all activities of the UWW-Asia will be conducted in line with the policy of UWW. Moreover, there is a variety of work to be carried out: starting from marketing, education, financial sector to assistances to developing national federations."

Before Mr. Turlykhanov, United World Wrestling Asia had been headed by Dr. Chang Kew Kim from Korea for about thirty years.

European Champion (Tampere, 1987)
World Championships bronze medalist (Clermont-Ferrand, 1987)
Olympic Games silver medalist (Seoul, 1988)
World Champion (Martigny, 1989)
Olympic Games bronze medalist (Barcelona, 1992)
World Championships silver medalist (Stockholm, 1993)
Daulet Turlykhanov has been at executive positions at various times in the sports industry of Kazakhstan and today he is a vice-president of the Kazakhstan Wrestling Federation.


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