Yrgyzbay Doskhanauly Memorial Grand-Prix

Yrgyzbay Doskhanauly Memorial Grand-Prix

Most nations have their own types of traditional wrestling, but with various level of local support their developmental stages can vary. In Kazakhstan their own Kazakh Kuresh is very successful and over the last five years its growth has multiplied with the assistance of the International Kazakh wrestling federation and its relationship as a member of the United World Wrestling.

In the eastern region of Kazakhstan, the Aksuat village leadership of the Tarbagatay district have put in great efforts to promote Kazakh Kuresh. United World Wrestling noticed the commitment of the leaders and granted the tournament Grand Prix status.

It should be noted that organizing committee ensured the athletes (who came from more than 10 countries in Asia and Europe) would feel welcome and be able to demonstrate their skills in a professional setting.

Spectators from nearby villages were exceptionally objective and not only rooted for their athletes, but happily applauded and greeted the victories of the guest athletes. The support created a welcoming and warm atmosphere throughout the event making it no surprise that three of the six prize winners were from outside Kazakhstan.

The competition was held in two weight categories up to 80kg and above 80kg.

Prize Winners -80kg
1. Muratov KUANYSH (KAZ)
2. Beulova BISSARION (GEO)
3. Shoniyazov CHAMSHED (TJK)

Prize Winners +80kg
1. Altyngerel DAVANYAM (MGL)
2. Nugymarov AIBEK (KAZ)
3. Amrenov TALGAT (KAZ)